SPT South East Asia and India
Equipment for Steel Fabricators

We are a Thailand based international specialist engineering group with over 15 years experience in the manufacture of surface preparation and painting
systems and supplying equipment to steel fabricators, pre-engineered building companies and blasting / painting contractors in  Europe, the Middle East
and Asia.

We specialise in equipment for steel fabricators and blasting / painting contractors

Were possible we will manufacture all or some of the machine in the local market to reduce costs and create local opportunity.

We can offer a tailor made solution to suit your exact requirements and at fair price that’s supported locally.
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Shot Blasting Machines
Shown here is our High Speed Twelve Wheel Blasting Machine
Mobile Blasting Machine
Ship decks, tank cleaning, blasting plates
Automatic Spray Painting Systems
for Steel Sections and Plates
SPT has manufacturing in the UAE and India and offices in the Thailand, India and the
UAE. Please contact us for our expert advice on your shot blasting and painting
requirements, beam processing needs, hole making with drilling or punching, shearing,
bandsawing and beam welding.

We welcome your enquiries for non standard machines and special installations.

We specialise in Surface Preparation and Painting Equipment

For  India :
For Thailand :

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Manual Blasting Rooms for large products using steel grit
Portable Punching Machines
Manual Painting Booths / Rooms
Airless Spray Pumps
Steel Abrasives - Shot and Grit