Containerised Four Wheel Shot Blasting Machine
Model - 4W - 1.5 x 1.0 (C)

For the Painting Contractor or Steel Fabricator with multiple sites we have designed a range of blasting machines that are built into a series of sea
containers. This makes moving the machine from job site to job site very easy and the machine can be re-installed in 2 days.

The pitless design allows for a simple foundation and ease of installation. A PLC control is fitted to make the machine operation as simple as
possible. This blasting machine is ideal for blasting plain steel sections, fabricated steel sections, plain pipe, pipe spools and plates

Other sizes are available, please
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Maximum Beam Size : 910 mm
Maximum Plate Width : 1500 mm
Maximum Length : 12000 mm
Maximum Pipe Dia. : 914.4 mm

Blast Wheels : 4
Blast Wheel Power : 18.5 kW
Power Required : 100 kW

Passline Height : 1250mm (Pitless)
Conveyor Speed : 0.5 to 5 m / min
Dust Collector Size : 8000 CFM
Floor Space Required : 6m x 30m
Maximum Height : 6.0m
Initial Fill of Abrasive : 4000 kgs

Estimated Abrasive Consumption
18 kgs per blasting hour
Estimated Production SA 2.5
50 - 70 m sq. per hour
Estimated Line Speed SA 2.5
0.8 to 1.0 linear m / min

Production data assumes condition “B” steel and is
dependent on the material

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This four wheel shot blasting machine is a good entry to automatic blasting with the built in flexibility to move form site to site and will dramatically
reduce your blasting cost and be safe for the operator and the environment. Its ideal for blasting sections, small fabrications and pipes.

This is the ideal four wheel blast machine for Painting Contractor

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