Six Wheel Shot Blasting Machine
Model - 6W - 0.75 x 1.85

This six wheel shot blasting machine is designed for stand alone or flow line installation for blasting fabricated beams in the “I” position up to 1850
cleaning to the end plates. This machine is an ideal machine for the PEB or Bridge fabricator.

As an option the bottom of the blast cabinet can be opened out to allow 2000 mm wide plate to be cleaned prior to fabrication

Maximum Beam Hieght : 1850mm
Maximum Beam Width : 750 mm
Maximum Length : 15000 mm

Blast Wheels : 6
Blast Wheel Power : 18.5 kW
Power Required : 155 kW

Passline Height : 1250mm
Conveyor Speed : 0.5 to 5 m / min
Dust Collector Size : 10000 CFM

Floor Space Required : 7m x 40m
Maximum Height: 6.5m

Initial Fill of Abrasive : 6000 kgs
A range of optional equipment is available with
units, cross transfer tables to load and unload
material and automated painting equipment with
drying ovens.

Steelex can offer this machine complete or in a
kit basis to allow the fabrication to be done
locally. We also offer    larger Blast Machines,
Automatic Painting Machines and Material
Handling Systems.

Estimated Abrasive Consumption
34 kgs per blasting hour
Estimated Production SA 2.5
100 - 125 m sq. per hour
Estimated Line Speed SA 2.5
1.5 to 2.0 linear m / min

Production data assumes condition “B” steel and is
dependent on the material

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