Eight Wheel Shot Blasting Machine
Model -  8W - 2.5 x 1.50

This shot blasting machine is designed for general fabricators and manufacturers of pre-engineered buildings. The large capacity enables a range of
different components to be cleaned and the blast wheels are mounted on a compound angle to give positive cleaning to the end faces of fabricated
components. This is a good general purpose machine for both structural steel fabricators and PEB manufacturers.

As and option the  machine can have twin elevators that allows a low overall height to allow installation in fabrication shops with over head cranes.

Maximum Beam Size : 1500 mm
Maximum Plate Width : 2500 mm
Maximum Length : 12000 mm

Blast Wheels : 8
Blast Wheel Power : 22 kW
Power Required : 253 kW

Passline Height : 1000mm
Conveyor Speed : 0.5 to 5 m/min

Dust Collector Size : 16000 CFM

Floor Space Required : 8m x 40m
Maximum Height : 6.5m

Initial Fill of Abrasive : 8000 kgs
Estimated Abrasive Consumption
54 kgs per blasting hour
Estimated Production SA 2.5
125 - 150 m sq. per hour
Estimated Line Speed SA 2.5
1.5 linear m / min

Production data assumes condition “B” steel and is
dependent on the material
The eight blast wheels are directly driven by a
cast iron 22 kW motor. As an option  a 30kW
motor that will increase the line speed.

The wide conveyor allows multiple beams to be
cleaned in a signal pass or large fabrications to
be processed.

The blast cabinet is fully lined with 10mm thick
manganese steel with the addition of an extra
12mm thick Inline Liner directly opposite each
blast wheel. In addition we also line the first
300mm of the vestibules with manganse.

All the blast wheel parts are made from 25%
Hi-Chrome castings.

A range of optional equipment is available as
  • Automatic Painting Machines
  • Drying Ovens
  • Material Loaders and Unloaders
  • Abrasive Blow off unit

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