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SPT Garnet

SPT manufactures Garnet for Manual Blasting with compressed air and supplies Low Carbon Steel Shot and High Carbon Steel Grit for Automatic Shot
Blasting Machines and for manual compressed air blasting.
Garnet Abrasive - DURRABLAST

Natural Almandine Garnet grains are the most used in blasting and
cutting system. Being the heaviest and most resilient garnet, it can stand
higher cutting speeds and maintain low dust levels. Its intrinsic physical
and chemical homogeny assures superior functioning. Today, Garnet is
replacing other blasting media due to its salient features like
environment friendliness, recyclability, safety and cost effectiveness.

DURRABLAST consists of this totally natural almandine garnet grains.
DURRABLAST provides an efficient and economical combination of grain size, specific weight, abrasive consumption, operator convenience and safety,
environmental compatibility, disposal and recyclability.

DURRABLAST offers diverse products to suit a variety of applications and site requirements ranging from macro grit to micro grit. The range extends from
coarse grains to fine micro grits in standard grades.
DURRABLAST is a cost effective alternative for various abrasive material like silica sand, coal slag, copper slag and other metal slag because of low
consumption and relatively higher productivity

The team of quality engineers carry out stringent quality control tests at every stage of abrasive manufacturing. Only the finest natural resources go into
the making of
DURRABLAST. They are then exported only when the quality levels conform to the customer requirements and meets universal standards.
This has helped us maintain a fantastic track record against rejection.

DURRABLAST is produced from an alluvial source located 2-3 kms inland of the coast. It is mined and processed by the world's largest producer of
industrial garnet situated in Southern India. Its toughness and low friability gives it the quality of recyclability. It can be recycled 4-6 times depending on the
application. All the above factors have helped
DURRABLAST to be approved by major paint manufacturers, oil companies and shipyards.

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