Blast Rooms for Manual Blasting

SPT manufactures Blast Rooms for manual blasting of large and odd
shaped items that are not suitable for blasting through on of our
Automatic Blasting Machines.

These blast rooms and designed to customer requirements dependant
on the type and size of product to be cleaned and can have a sweep
up, partial or full abrasive recovery system.

The main components are the
Abrasive Recovery System,
Abrasive Recycling System and Dust Collector and details of each
are given below.

abrasive used is steel grit for high productivity, the lowest cost for
manual blasting per tonne and low dust levels during blasting.

For an in depth discussion on your Manual Blasting needs please
contact us so that we can understand your requirements and then
offer the solution that is best for your application.

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40m x 8.5m x 7m Blast Room installed in Thailand with two level blasting so that the bottom of the product
can be cleaned with out the need to turn the product over.
Abrasive Recovery System

Our Blast Rooms can be supplied with a sweep up recovery system where the abrasive has to be manually swept into a hopper for recycling or we can
supply a series of screw conveyors to give a partial or full recovery system. With a partial recovery system the some of the abrasive has to be swept into the
screws conveyors manually and with a full recovery system the recover of the abrasive is fully automated.

All our screw conveyors are fitted with a "shedder" that stops the screw conveyors from getting blocked and also controls the flow of abrasive to the screw to
avoid over loading due to surges in abrasive during operation and the clean down of the product being processed.
SPT Typical Screw Conveyor
All our screw conveyors have a mild steel hopper
that is installed in the foundation, fitted in this is the
screw conveyor mounted on heavy duty self
aligning bearings. The bearings are sealed from the
ingress of abrasive for long life, long screw
conveyors have a hanger bearing mounted every
six metres for support.

The screw conveyor flight is made from 6mm thick
steel welded to a seamless pipe. Each screw
conveyor flight is supplied in a length equal to its
diameter so replacement of a small section when
wear occurs is very easy.

The shedder fitted above the screw conveyor stops
any large items from entering the screw conveyor
and controls the flow of abrasive via the precise gap
thus avoiding any over loading of the screw.

The drive for the screw conveyor is by a helical type
geared motor.
SPT Screw Conveyor Detail
Abrasive Recycling Machine.

Shown above is a typical recycling machine for steel grit.
This is positioned outside the blast room and fed from the
screw conveyors by the bucket elevator.

The process is as follows;

This multi stage and fully adjustable abrasive cleaning
system ensures that the abrasive is kept in first class
condition therefore ensuring the highest productivity and
quality possible in the blast room.
  • From the elevator the abrasive is deposited into the
    airwash screw conveyor.
  • The screw conveyor takes the abrasive to the airwash
    unit where a uniform curtain of abrasive is made by an
    adjustable stratification plate.
  • The abrasive flows down the stratification plate and
    over the airwash zone where suction from the dust
    collector removes the "fines" and other contaminants.
  • The abrasive then passes through a mesh sieve where
    any oversize particles are retained so that they cannot
    get into the abrasive hopper.
  • The abrasive then falls into the storage hopper ready
    for use.
40m x 8.5m x 7m Blast Room installed in Thailand with two level blasting of a large fabricated duct piece.
Dust Collector

We can supply cartridge or shaker bag type dust collectors. The cartridge type use's
PTFE coated filters with a very high filtration efficiency. All our dust collectors feature
high pressure fans sets and high air to filter area ratios.

The dust collectors are connected to the blast room via suitable ducting with a
protection manifold to stop abrasive entering the duct collector.
Typical Blast Room installed in a steel fabrication factory
Inside of a typical Blast Room installed in a steel fabrication factory

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