SPT Automatic Spray Painting System

SPT offers a range of Automatic Spray Painting Machines for plain steel sections, fabricated steel sections and plates. The machines are available in a range of sizes and
types and are supplied complete with either dry or wet paint fume extraction units. Fully automated with PLC spray control the unit is the most efficient way for coating your
structural steel, PEB built up sections or plates after blast cleaning.

The units are manufactured in the UK are supplied in kit form for local assembly and easy shipping and can be supplied with Drying Ovens and Edge Slat Conveyors as

We offer a range of systems for spraying plain and fabricated steel and also steel plates, three of these systems are shown below
Section Spraying

Spraying of plain and fabricated
steel with a roller conveyor infeed
to the paint machine. After painting
the material goes onto a slat
conveyor to minimise damage to
the wet paint and passes through
the drying oven
Maximum Product -   2m w x 0.6m h
Shown over is a typical roller conveyor spray painting
system without the enclosure and paint fume extraction
booths.  The blast cleaned steel is fed into the Paint
Machine on a roller conveyor were all the surfaces are
coated, after spraying the product is supported on an
oven to fast cure the paint.

The Spray Painting System comprises of the following;

This unit can be supplied with a Steelex Blasting
Machine or as a stand alone unit. We can also fit it to an
existing blasting machine installation.
Plate Spraying

Spraying of plates and small sections for shipyards and tank fabricators.
Plates up to 4.5m wide
Section Spraying

Spraying of plain and fabricated steel with a Power
and Free Overhead Conveyor System. After painting
the product goes through the drying oven. This
methods offers the minimal handling and highest
Maximum Product  - 0.8m w x 2.2m h
Please Note.
The number of  Spray
Guns fitted to any system
is governed by the line
speed required, we can fit
4, 8 or 12 guns
Shown above are three typical layouts for our Automatic Spray Painting Systems but we also build
special purpose Automatic Spray Painting Units for any purpose.
  • Bottom Reciprocator
  • Graco Paint Pump with guns and 200l
  • Sensor system to detect the work
    width and height
  • Water Wash or Dry Fume extraction
  • Spray control system
  • Enclosure, Ducting and Lights

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