SPT Pipe Blasting Machines

The SPT Pipe Blasting Machines rotate the pipe as it passes through the blasting machine exposing all the outside diameter of the pipe to the blast
stream. Machines are available for blasting pipe up to 3000 meters in diameter and the machine detailed here is for the most common range of pipe
sizes from 6” (150mm) diameter to 48” (1220mm) diameter.

The blast wheels are mounted under the pipe therefore maintaining the distance from the blast wheel to the surface of the pipe allowing a large range
of pipe sizes to be efficiently cleaned with minimal adjustments. Rubber seals are provided on both the inlet and outlet sides of the machine that are
changed to suit the pipe size to minimize the escape of abrasive from the machine.

Maximum Pipe Size : 48"
Minimum Pipe Size : 6"
Height of Pipe : 24” (Bottom)

Blast Wheels : 2
Blast Wheel Power : 22 kW
Power Required : 75 kW

Conveyor Speed : 0.5 to 5 m/min

Dust Collector Size : 5000 CFM
Floor Space Required : 6m x 40m
Maximum Height : 6.1m

Larger and Smaller Machine are available
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(Basic Machine 6” to 48” Pipe)

Est Abrasive Consumption - 14 kgs per hour

Average Litne Speed 6” to 12” dia. -
4 m / min
Average Line Speed 12” to 24” dia. - 2.5 m / min
Average Line Speed 24” to 48” dia. - 1.5 m / min

Production rates assume “B” condition steel to SA 2 ½
Higher Production Rates available on request.

The conveyors used are variable pitch diablo style conveyors, these consist of directly driven rubber tires that are moved in or out to suit the diameter of
the pipe be processed. the tires are angled and the speed controlled by a frequency controller to give the required through put speed. The adjustment
can be done manually or, as an option, hydraulic control can be fitted.

These conveyors are designed for heavy duty operation and for the machine detailed here accept weights up to 750 kgs per linear metre. Higher
capacity conveyors are available. All machines are supplied complete with full abrasive recovery and recycling system and dust collectors. A PLC
system controls the operation of the machine with full interlock safety system provided.

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