SPT Automatic Shot Blasting Machines

SPT manufactures Automatic Shot Blasting Machines for plain steel sections, fabricated steel items, plates
and pipes. These can also be supplied with a
SPT Automatic Painting System and  Drying Oven to provide a
blasting and painting system or preservation line.

All our Shot Blasting Machines are of the airless centrifugal type were a motor fitted with a blast wheel is used to
throw the abrasize. The blast cabinets are lined with 10mm thick rolled manganese steel plate on all surfaces and
as standard we fit 12mm thick "Inline" liners directly in front of all the blast wheels for additional protection.

To keep the abrasive in first class condition we fit extra length Airwash units to all machines, this ensures that all
"fines" and other contaminents are removed from the abrasive stream to keep the blasting efficiency at its highest.

Fitted with Dust Extraction units these systems are kind to the operators and the environment and offer the lowest
cost and best quality for your surface preparation needs.

For an in depth discussion on your Shot Blasting and Spray Painting needs please
contact us so that we can
understand your requirements and then offer the solution that is best for your application.
Four Wheel 1.5m wide x 1.0m high Capacity
Eight Wheel 2.5m wide x 1.5m high Capacity
Pipe Blasting up to 90" diameter
Six Wheel 0.75m wide x 1.85m high
Twelve Wheel High Performance 0.8m wide x 2.0m high
Automatic Spray Painting Systems

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Shown below are some of the standard machines we offer but if you don't see the size you are looking for please contact us and we will design it for you.
The SPT Direct Drive Blast Wheel

Our direct drive blast wheel is available in 280, 370 and
500mm diameters and can be used on motors up to
75kW. The main features are :

We get over 600 blasting hours of life from our wheel
  • Precision Balance Hardened Blast Wheel
  • Super Hard Machined Wheel Blades giving over
    600 blasting hours of life
  • 20% Hi Chrome Dispencer
  • 20% Hi Chrome Dispencer Housing to accurately
    set the blast pattern
  • 20% Hi Chrome Wheel Hood Liners
  • All Blast Wheel Motors are high quality heavy duty
    cast iron TEFC type.
400mm x 400mm Box Section, condition C being blasted to SA 2.5 at 1m
per minute on our standard 4W - 1.5 x 1.0. Higher lines speeds avaible if
The SPT Blast Cabinet Lining System
The Blast Cabinet Lining is one of the most important parts of any
blast machine, SPT's Blast cabinet Lining System has four
stages as follows.

The manganese plate is retained by 20% Hi-Chrome Cast
Captive Nuts for protection and safety.

Multiple shot blast rubber curtails are provided in the inlet and
outlet vestibules.
  1. Rigid Mild Steel Outer Shell
  2. Rolled Manganese Plate or Ultra Plate on the entire blast
    cabinet and the first section of the vestibules.
  3. Lap Bars fitted between each section of the manganese /
    ultra plate lining
  4. 12mm thick "Inline" liners directly opposite each blast
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View of our 370mm diameter blast wheel
with the front of the wheel hood removed
Exploded view of our 370mm diameter wheel
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If our Automatic Blasting Machines are not suitable for your surface preparation requirements the please
see our
Manual Blast Room Page

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