SPT Manual Paint Rooms

SPT offers a range of Painting Rooms for the manual application of wet coatings using airless spray pumps. These can be stand alone units in a work shop or a complete room of
any size and we build these to order and specific customer requirements.

We offer both dry filter and wet filter extraction systems dependant on the application and local regulations. We both extraction systems we have side draft or down draft types
dependant on the application and product to be sprayed.

We also have a unique "Hybrid" Room that can be used for both blasting and spray painting.

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The SPT Dry Filter Extraction system
utilises original "Andreae" Type filter
papers as shown in the pictures below.

These easy to use and long life filters can
hold up to 25 kgs of over spray per m2
and are easy to replace and dispose of.

Dry filter systems can be used with the
widest range of coatings and as no water
is being used there are no problems of
effluent disposal.

High air speed and air changes ensure a
safe working environment for your
Large Size Manual Spray Room with Dry Filter Extraction System
Stand Along Spray Booth with Dry Filter Extraction System

The over spray is drawn through the filter medium where it undergoes several rapid changes of
direction and pressure. The paint droplets in the over spray have a greater mass than the air
molecules, and the turbulence caused by the design of the filter causes these droplets to be thrown
against the filter medium due to their inertia thus allowing the clean air to pass through the filter.
The extracted air then passes into the ducting where it is carried out to atmosphere.
Standard Dry Filter Paper
HE Dry Filter Paper with fibre filter

Our Water Wash Extraction System
have high efficiency particulate filtration
is provided by rigorous Multistage
Cleansing Action.  Initially, ventilated air
is drawn to a full width Water Screen
before it enters the main Washing
Chamber through water cascading from
the screen. Once within the Washing
Chamber, ventilated air is forced to pass
through a further five Water Cascades
when copious levels of water, supplied
through distribution jets, falls from five
full-width Cascade Plates. There after,
the air enters an Expansion Chamber to
reduce its velocity and cause any water
droplets to fall from suspension.  Each
extraction chamber is provided with a  
detachable water curtain panel for easy
access for nozzle cleaning.
Hybrid Blasting and Painting Room - Internal View

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