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SPT Preservation Lines for Steel Plate and Sections

SPT manufactures complete Preservation Lines for Steel Plates and Steel Sections. For steel sections we have systems for both plain steel and fabricated
steel. This is a continuous process with minimal material handling, take raw steel and place it on the inlet conveyor and then take blasted, painted, dry plate
off the other end.

For plate we offer systems for widths up to 5m wide x 16m long and for sections we can supply system as standard for products 2m x 0.8m x 12m long.

We offer a fast delivery at a competitive price on all preservation lines, please
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System Description

A typical preservation line will consist of the following;
  • Infeed Conveyor with optional loaders
  • Pre Heater
  • Shot Blasting machine with abrasive removal system
  • Automatic Spray Painting Machine Drying Oven
  • Slat Conveyor
  • Outfeed Conveyor with optional unloaders
Typical Plate Preservation Line
Typical Section Preservation Line

Some of the many advantages are as follows;
  • Single in line process
  • Use a weldable primer to protect your steel stock before processing
  • Have cleaned primed steel being processed in your factory
  • Reduce the need for final blasting to only a sweep blast
  • Better cost control of the blasting and painting operation
  • Lower cost than buying pre primed plate from a stock holder
As with all the SPT Surface Preparation Range we will design a system to suit your needs.

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